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By Ann Rosas, administrator-in-training


At Life Care Center of Acton, Massachusetts, we take our fun seriously, especially at Christmas.


Our December 2016 calendar was full of fun activities for staff – we held a cookie swap, a Secret Santa gift grab and a door decorating contest. But the highlight of it all was the ugly sweater contest.


Of course, “ugly” is in the eye of the beholder. Associates wore sweaters featuring reindeer, kittens and presents, Star Wars characters, sheep, penguins and a T-Rex. On Dec. 19, as our musical entertainment finished, all the sweater wearers filed into the main dining room for the residents to choose the winner.


Each sweater was modeled, and the judges clapped to show their votes. The first round was pared down to two sweaters, and another round of voting began. The winner was Chris Foye, our executive director.  


Foye’s sweater was a smiling T-Rex wearing a Santa hat, all on a green background. He proudly accepted his first-prize ribbon. He will carry this prize until December 2017, when the contest will be back on!


“The ugly sweater contest was the first contest I won while at Life Care Center of Acton,” Foye said. “I have mixed emotions on being the best at picking the worst clothes.” 

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