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On Sept. 15, 2015, Paul Kempley came to Life Care Center of Acton, Massachusetts, for rehabilitation after having surgery to remove a brain tumor.


Therapists worked with Kempley to restore his daily functional ability as he recovered, including walking and getting dressed. After less than two weeks of work, he was able to return home on Sept. 25.


Not only that, but less than a month later, he married his sweetheart, Elizabeth Wilson, Northeast Division Coordinator of Associate Safety for Life Care Centers of America.


The following is a letter of thanks from Elizabeth:


To the certified nursing assistants, nurses, housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, dietary, activities, rehab, administrative and management teams and Dr. Gary Asher, on-site physician:


I am writing to tell you how grateful I am to all of you.


As most staff are aware, my boyfriend, Paul, was an inpatient on Life Care Plus [at Life Care Center of Acton, Massachusetts] during September 2015, to recover from brain surgery.


I want to tell you how much it meant to me that I never had to worry about anything while he was at Acton. His medical, spiritual, physical and emotional needs were all met by the love and care that is a hallmark of your whole team.


Not only did you provide him with everything he needed to get well, but you did even more for me. As a fellow Life Care employee, I have always believed in the Life Care mission, but I want you to know that seeing it as a family member gave me the opportunity to learn what it’s really like to live our company’s mission day to day in the building. I was able to see how hard you work every day, often in challenging or complex circumstances. Yet, despite how hard your jobs are every day, you always had a smile, a kind word or joke for both of us, and even an occasional shoulder for me to cry on when everything felt truly overwhelming.


I’m delighted to report that several weeks after his discharge, Paul is doing extremely well. He’s doing so well, in fact, that we ran off and had a wedding on Oct. 17! He was able to walk to the ceremony, put the ring on my finger and sign papers less than five weeks after his surgery because of everything you did – he couldn’t walk without assistive devices, talk clearly or write before he came to [Life Care Center of] Acton.


I will always consider everyone at Acton to be a cherished part of my family, a building filled with miracle workers. You returned Paul to me whole and functional. As a result of everything you did, he’s the same man with whom I fell in love, and I can’t express how much this means to me.


Warmly and with thanks always,


Elizabeth Wilson